A self propelled scooter can be anything from a skateboard to a magic wheel unicycle. The common feature usually is that they are foot powered although this is not a requirement as we see with the Trikke self propelled scooter. Some scooters have a pedal like mechanism; others just use the ground to push off with our feet whilst others use complex cambering universal joints.

The Trikke self propelled scooter transfers the carving motion of turning with a camber angle in to propulsion energy. This energy is directed in a forward or backward direction. Trikke accomplishes this by the use of a patented 3CV universal joint. Trikke self propelled scooters have become the dominant scooter on the market in this class and you can find many Trikkes for sale with a simple search on Google.

gehandicaptenvoertuig kopen op afbetaling brands of self propelled scooters on the market today. They can range from models you sit on low to the ground like the 1980s Flying Turtle scooters to single and double paddle scooters with complex handlebar brake and disc braking systems. Wal-Mart sells several brands and models including the Razor Sweet Pea and Powerwing, Radio Flyer, Pulse, Airwalk, Rockboard and MGP.

It doesn’t stop there though, with new products comes new ideas and new techniques for transferring and harnessing energy. New ideas include Whiplash scooter and Razor Seige to Space scooter which appears similar to a Rockboard.

Significant improvements to these types of vehicles include pneumatic tires, folding bodies and having 3 and 4 wheels. Bikes are developed without pedals and chains requiring foot power like traditional skateboards. Although scooters’ appeal has traditionally been the domain of a younger generation, as today’s younger generation turn into adults their allure towards scooters is coming along with them. Today there are many models of scooters being specifically designed for adults.

No matter what new products are invented and what technologies are comingled one thing is sure to remain the same and that is that young adults will be attracted to them in droves. Perhaps it’s the thrill of cruising at fast speeds, being able to perform tricks or a sense of freedom, but there is no denying that self propelled scooters main market tends to be the under male 20 year age group with no sign of any significant change in the near future. There are many scooters and ¬†on the Internet and can be easily found to appease this market segment.


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